#SaturdayScenes #ScienceFiction #aliens      Here is the latest chapter of my sci-fi novel “Worlds Apart”

I’m sure you’ve all read about our cousin planet NASA has found.  Maybe Akasha can be from there.  We should definitely name the new planet Paleon.

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“Hello, Administrators,” Akasha said as she greeted the three men and two women who presided over Energy Exploration.

The senior administrator, Leyah, was one of the oldest living Paleons. There didn’t seem to be a centimeter of skin that wasn’t covered with wrinkles. Her teeth were brown and her large mouth never closed because her nasal cavities had stopped working years ago. Akasha believed she enjoyed the shock that her appearance gave others.

“Why the emergency meeting?” the head of the administration asked.

Sitting to the right of Administrator Leyah was Jahlen, the administrator who had been sent to Akasha the previous day. The other men and women were heads of other various departments in the building. But Akasha knew the only administrators that she and Tuli needed to convince were Leyah and Jahlen.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but Explorer Meehkah must be extracted from Earth immediately. Tuli and I know how to do it,” Akasha stated.

“We have no plans for extracting Meehkah. In all probability, he’s dead,” Administrator Leyah said.

“That is a possibility. However, Tuli and I have studied his tracking data and nothing went wrong with his transfer, but there was a power surge at the exact moment we lost the ability to track him. I believe what we lost was the capability to track his energy signature, nothing more. Our system lost it somehow. If that’s true, then he should still be alive and on Earth.

“Here is the information that we have collected so far,” Akasha said while Tuli handed the administrators the charts and records.

“This does not prove that he is still on Earth,” Administrator Leyah said.

“We also believe that Meehkah’s consciousness was probably awakened,” Tuli insisted.

“That is impossible,” administrator Jahlen gasped.

“It is probable. The circumstances of his transfer dictate as much,” Tuli said.

“It is too dangerous,” Akasha added, heart pounding. She knew they’d refuse at first. But the possibility of having a Paleon on Earth with all of his memories and knowledge would make them think twice about abandoning him. “to keep a jumper on Earth without knowing what has happened to him. He could be under surveillance by the people of Earth. After all, Meehkah does know more about energy transfer than any other Paleon. His whereabouts cannot be unknown. So, I am asking for your permission to bring Meehkah back.”

“How are you going to bring him back?” the head administrator asked after some deliberation with the rest of the group.

“I would like to be sent to Earth with my consciousness.”

“Then we’d have two fully conscious Paleons on Earth instead of one,” Administrator Leyah pointed out.

“If I cannot find him after 25 Earth years, then I’ll have to assume that he is dead, I’ll terminate my human host and return to Paleon.”

“How will you bring him back?” Administrator Jahlen asked.

“Tuli and I talked about it. We believe it’s possible to create a solution that will mimic Meehkah’s energy signature using substances found on Earth. I’ll memorize the formula and once I’ve found him, I’ll inject the solution into his human host. Then we should be able to decipher his energy signature and place his essence back into his body her on Paleon.”

“What will you do once you inject him with the solution?”

“I’ll kill his host, as well as mine, and return to Paleon.”

“Before we agree, we need to look over all of your data. If we come to the same conclusion as you, we’ll consider sending you back to Earth,” Administrator Leyah said.

“Thank you, Administrators.” Akasha said before she turned to leave the room.

“And, Akasha we’ll be watching you closely,” Administrator Jahlen added.

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