I’m more than halfway through the first draft of Jade, which will bring the Everleaf Series to an end. I’ve been thinking about my next project and how I’m going to apply what I’ve learned so far to the next series. Here are some of my thoughts.

  1. I’ve been told for indie authors, adult novels do better than Young Adult . I’ve also read that adults read more YA than teens. Which one is right? I don’t know. But I don’t really have another YA Fantasy in my catalog so this works for me.
  2. Books in a series need to be released as close together as possible. Folks will forget about you real quick. Chalcedony: Book Two of the Everleaf Series had a decent reception, but I think if I had a pre-order link directly following the first book, Chalcedony would have done sooo much better.
  3. I’ve been told covers (and titles to a lesser degree) need to resemble the best sellers in the genre. Originality in your cover may count against you.
  4. Finally, study your genre.

What Am I Writing Next?

I’ve decided to take advantage of the fan base for Black Beauty and let Shemeya, Andre, and Ashley have their own books under the Urban Fantasy genre. So while I’ve been drafting Jade, I’ve been gorging on Urban Fantasy novels and 1950’s Pulp Fiction. Thankfully, the first books in most of the series are free or only 99 cents.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing book (or series) reviews on some of the best-selling books in Urban Fantasy for research. My favorite series so far is the Imp Series by Debra Dunbar (FYI, my favorite thing about the series is that it had an accompanying audiobook for $1.99 Score!!!). I’ll be posting a review soon.51AMO-0M2qL._SX311_BO1204203200_

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