Random Blog Topic:  What would I tell my sixteen year old
    This is technically
    not a writer-ly topic, but I’ve only ever had a singles blog.  I’d use my single blog to navigate being single and a mother and dating.  Those things have shaped a lot of
    who I am today soo…  back to regular
    I would tell
    myself: don’t trust men and don’t fall in love.  Ever!
    Doesn’t that sound
    like the beginning of a twisted Disney movie where the woman makes a wish
    never to have done something.  She wakes
    up and the wish has comes true.  Then
    she regrets she made the wish.  ::rolls
    Don’t worry, I
    would have told never to fall in love but I wouldn’t have
    listened.  So what would I have listened
  1. I would tell myself to enjoy touch.  I didn’t enjoy or know much about touch
    when I was younger.  Now I’m a touch
    addict, currently recovering. ::sniffle::
  2. Never cosign!!!! Never. But I
    guess at sixteen, I wouldn’t be able to cosign anyway.   But don’t do it!
  3. Write every day.  You don’t have to do anything with
    it.  In fact, I’d tell myself not
    to.  That engineering degree pays well.  Writing is the dream but its nice to have a good back up plan until the      dream is achieved and I’m a millionaire and a household name.    
Hmm… may be to personal for an author’s blog.   I might have to delete this later, but until then it still counts as a post. 
Happy Friday.

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