Random Blog Topic: What Inspires You?
kids having a great, happy life inspires me.
exposed to new things and new experiences inspires me.  I went
paint balling last Saturday with a few co-workers.  I hardly knew anyone and I didn’t want to
go.  But I have trained myself never to
say no to new experiences.  So I
went.  It was hot, painful, but fun.
Paint ball is a male dominated sport, a-white-male dominated sport, but while I was resting in between
the games, sitting  and surrounded by testosterone and sweat,  I felt their happiness and contentment
emanating from them in waves.  It was life affirming.  I have
similar experiences at church.  I love
moments like that!  Meeting great
interesting, light-filled people inspires me.
inspires me.  I’m living
the dream, but traveling takes dreaming a step
further.  I get to live a dream within a dream when I travel.  I’m able to forget who I am and be a new person in a new
place, with few responsibilities. 
Ahh…Nice.  It inspiring  and once I’m back home I’m refreshed and inspired and ready to continue my trek to take over the world.  ::insert joyful evil laugh::
world is their oyster and the ability to make choices and knowing all the
options that are out there.  
something to obsess about-like making pizza or cupcakes, applying make up,
wearing cool borderline work appropriate outfits.  Those were all  short lived passions.  I immersed myself into them for a short wile
before I turned away having a learned a valuable skill.  Writing is the only passion that has lasted
me for most of my life. 
inspires me, movies me, motivates me, having 
random, crazy, inappropriate, politically incorrect conversations with
my friends inspire me.
is all about finding your passion and following your dreams. –sounds like an
after school special or the quote of the day. But it’s true. Reverberate
everywhere. Ti remains true. And sometimes we need to be reminded, we need to
hear it a few hundred times before we believe it.

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