Continuing from the
last post, I ended up pitching to two agents. Neither  accepted nor wanted to see my book, but one
agent asked an interesting question:
  1. Why am I using dwarves and
    elves?  They are just stereotypes or
    codes for different races.  They are outdated.
    1. I’ve heard about
      certain fairy races being racist as it pertains to Lord of the Rings (1,2), but
      of fairy creatures in general not so much.    So I’m not supposed to use fairy
      creatures?  It doesn’t matter, my job will be to make my characters more than cookie cutter stereotypes. 
    2. But I have to admit, I
      cringe a little when I say that there are elves and dwarves in my
      book.  I need to get over
      this.  If I’m going to write about
      then, I need to own it. 

He also told me that
my pitch was a simplistic. Thankfully, I got some good advice from Google+ gave me so
good ideas on how to make it better. 
Kristin Lamb recently posted on a good pitch examples also.
Lastly, he told me
that I needed to workshop the hell out of my novel so that I should get as many perspectives on my
novel as possible.  So… does anyone know
of any good critique groups that are online or in Oklahoma City?
I talked
to another agent and she said my book
sounded commercial, but she didn’t deal with fantasy.  She said it was commercial.  That’s good,, right?  So why does what the first agent say
resonate more than what the other agent said. 
Is it because we are more likely to hear and listen to the negative than
the positive.
Overall, I left the
conference feeling very discouraged.  Not
because no one accepted my pitch, but because 
there are so many writers there trying to get discovered.  Thousands of people trying to get one
bone.   Before I went to the conference,
I had faith that if I put in the time and the effort, then eventually I would get
picked up by a major publisher.  I don’t have that faith anymore. 
Mainstream publishers publish for the trends and trends change so much
that there is no point in writing for them.   
Epublshing seems more realistic to me than it had before the
OWFI Action list
  1. Subscribe
    to publisher’s weekly email list-Done
  2. Rewrite my pitch-Ongoing
  3. Comes up with a
    plan on how I will diversify my fairies, elves, and dwarves.
  4. Get a critique
    • Check out Verla
      Kay’s blue  boards-DONE
  1. Join
    SCWBi-TENTATIVE-I’m not sure if the $85 fee is worth it.
  2. Develop a blogging
  3. Join and determine
    my klout score.-DONE

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