I saw this trailer and it made me feel good. We are (were) making great strides in diversifying our media before we elected Mr. SmallHands. I’m not a gamer, but my kids are so get to see the look of excitement in my son’s eye when he gets a chance to buy diverse video games. Watch Dogs 2 is extra cool because not only does it feature a POC as the main character, but dude is a hacker. Let me repeat. A Black Hacker. A thuggish Black Hacker.

This is important because black men are usually regulated as thugs. Or sometimes, maybe token nerds (my son used the term bougie). Hardly do we get see a black thuggish nerd/hacker. So props to Ubisoft for recognizing the need for intersectionality and #diversegames. I may actually let my son off punishment early to buy this.

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