Total Recall
I went to
see Total Recall.  It was boring.  I wanted to walk out.  It seemed like A.I. for some reason trying to
do the overdone robot thing but they called them synthetics.  The best parts of the movie was the fight
scenes between Kate Beckinsale (Lori) and Colin Farrell (Doug).  She was just an overall bad ass.  Something is wrong with the movie (or
incredibly right) when you have no emotional connection with the  protagonists and you want the
antagonists to win.  
So my
daughter hated Kate Beckinsale’s character. 
She didn’t understand why Lori hated Doug so much. 
I love my
daughter and her poignant questions.  
Let’s explore this.    Lori hated
to lose.  She went head to head with Doug
and in the opening scene and he was the one who ran away.    In the beginning, she was all business, but
when she discovers who he is it becomes personal.  She has clearly kicked a lot of ass to become
the personal assistant/assassin to the mastermind Cohaagan, so when she finds
out Doug is the one person to get more accolades than her from Cohaggen it
becomes personal.  And she has some major
bad ass scenes where she tries to take him out.   So at the end, Cohaggen is killed but she is
escapes.  She could have walked away and
lived a normal, stress free life.  But
she chooses to go back after Doug because she hates to lose. 
BTW, I saw
the original over the weekend and OHEMGEE other than Kate Beckinsale this
movie sucks big time compared to the original. 
The original was fun, quirky, and a classic.  This one did not compare.  I also watched Running Man and I now have a
new appreciation for Arnold
Schwarzenegger and ’80’s sci-fi.

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