This is the third day of the blogger book fair.  So far I’m having a good time.  I haven’t read many independently published books, so I was a little skeptical about the books i’d be reviewing.  Out of the five book I’ve read, two were great, one was good, one was weird and could be great, and one was not interesting.  Bad editing is my biggest fear when it comes to independently published books; however, all of the books were edited to near perfection.

Anyways… There are loads of books on sale at the book fair. There are so many that the list is honestly OVERWHELMING.  But damn, some of them are free. So to make it easier on myself,  I  loaded up on fantasy and science fiction short stories.

There is also money to be had.  Yep. Free money!  

The free money/giveaways are here:

And the book sale is here:

 Now go get free stuff and let me know if you get anything good.


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