When The Universe Speaks, I should Listen

+Katie Cross  amazes me. Read her article about her author book tour and she will amaze you, too. I read her post the day after attending the Norman Writer’s Workshop where a big emphasis was put on connecting with potential readers through readings, workshops, and book tours. I do believe the universe is trying to tell me something.
One of the speakers, +Mel Odom   pointed out that before writing became an industry, being a writer and being a performer went hand in hand. Mark Twain traveled the United States practically selling his stories from the truck of his car. Charles Dickens died from traveling on his book tours.
This scares me. I am not a speaker. I was placed in remedial and speech classes because I didn’t talk!!! I didn’t need the remedial classes, but I did need the speech class. Slowly I started talking more, but even now I can’t pronounce r’s, w’s and q’s. I had one friend who would  bust her gut every time I said liquid because I would pronounced it “liqwid.”
Nathan Brown suggested Speech, Communication and an Acting 101 to improve your speaking skills.
My Thoughts on This
What’s an introverted self-published author to do?
One: write a book so good it’ll automatically sale the second and the third.
Two: take a speech, communication and acting class,
Three: PRACTICE. FAIL. And practice more 
A Tale of Two Speakers
A friend and I loved a the speech a Guest of Honor gave on having a tribe. We introduced ourselves to her afterward. She was standoffish and unimpressive. So the great impression we initially had disappeared.
On a different event, I met another GOH speaker. She spoke to me, she was personable, beautiful, and a little clumsy. ‘Til this day she is my favorite author, not so much because of her books but because of her attitude.
I want to be that second speaker.

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