On Christmas night, my family gathered around the television to do our patriotic duty and watch The Interview. I love Seth Rogan, but I hadn’t expected much from the movie.  I was pleasantly surprised. The well acted and scripted movie kept me laughing and entertained the entire time. It never felt over the top stupid. 
The bad guy played by Randall Park, the actor who played by Kim Jung-un.
Since Asian Man don’t get enough love from Hollywood, I thought I’d shine some light on the extremely sexy and super talented Mr. Park. In my opinion, he made the movie and pretty much stole the movie from Seth Rogan and James Franco.  
So who is
this guy? According to Wikipedia
Randal Park a native from Los Angeles to South Korean parents.
knew there some street under all of that blubber. Honestly
though, Randall made blubber look good. 

If you
haven’t watched The Interview, I highly recommend it. And I’m looking forward to
seeing Randall Park acting the upcoming ABC show Fresh off the Boat

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