A few months ago, I posted the review of THE PARK. It was an impulse buy. I downloaded it without even reading the blurb. –I think it was free–  Well THE PARK turned out to be one of my favorite reads of 2015. In celebration of THE MALL, the sequel to THE PARK. Voss Foster is letting me do a cover reveal for THE MALL and for the new cover for THE PARK.

These covers are so 
mouth watering
They are all of the synonyms for all things beautiful.
I went to bed dreaming of these covers. Yes, it’s that serious.
Before I show the covers and you lose your mind. The PARK is FREE again for a limited time on AMAZON. Get this baby so dive immediately into THE MALL.  Both books are free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.  Also, brag about the covers in the comments or you can visit his blog and wax poetic about the covers there.
Okay… Now here are the Covers: 


I guess I should give you blurbs now.
The Park
Evenstad Media’s newest reality show. There are no laws. There are no rules. The only goal is to stay alive. But in Evenstad’s arena, things are far from simple. Outfitted with strange new weapons, trapped in the dark, afraid for their lives, it’s only a matter of time before somebody takes the first shot.
And all the while, the world watches. Some in disgust, some rapt, but all feeding Evenstad, and all oblivious to the horrors they’re helping fund. By the time anyone notices, will there be time to put an end to it? Or will it be too late?
The Mall 
Last year, Evenstad Media’s hit reality show, The Park, rocked the world. Death, subterfuge, sex: it had it all, and the public begged for more. Evenstad came back with a second season: The Mall. Twelve more strangers, eleven more murders, and one more opportunity to rake in money.
But as the show airs, there’s something more going on. Evenstad Media’s Chief Operating Officer is getting harder and harder to reach, and nobody knows why. The company’s computer systems are being hacked, and nobody knows how. There’s an uprising against the violence Evenstad is putting into the world, but nobody knows who.
What will happen to The Mall, and to Evenstad Media? Who will make it out alive? And what happens when the destruction falls on both sides of the arena walls?

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