Kathryn Trattner tagged me in the Ten Question Blog Hop about my Work In Progress.  Kathryn writes the most beautiful flash fiction I’ve ever read 1, 2.  You can also check her out on Twitter . If you stop by her blog, tell her I sent you.

1. What is your WIP about? 

Book 2 of
my first novel is about a boy who spent most of his life in the fey realm.  Now he’s in the human realm trying to fit in with human teenagers while looking for his parents.
2. What is your main character’s greatest strength?
He has a
strong sense of right and wrong.
3. What is your main character’s greatest flaw?
Coal’s greatest flaw is his greatest strength. It challenges his loyalties because most things
aren’t completely right or completely wrong.
4. Name your main character’s favorite food and drink.
Butterfinger. He associates the candy bar with memories of his mother.
5. What animal would your main character be and why?
Lion, he’d
be perfectly happy to sit and  be served, but when he’s pushed he protects his own.
6. If you and your main character were in a coffee
shop, what would you discuss?
I’d ask him what is the biggest difference between the fey realm and human
realm. He’d probably ask me why I let his ass get kicked so much in Book One.
7. Who would your main character like to date/marry
and why?
Even after
all of the lying, the betraying, and the fighting, Coal still imagines that
he’ll marry Chalcedony. He fell in love with her the moment he saw her. But don’t tell anyone. After all that’s happened, he thinks that’s a pretty horrible fact to admit. 
8. What superhero does your protagonist act like? Why?
He is
obsessed with the hulk. He wishes he could go crazy and let his anger guide
9. If you made a music video starring your antagonist,
what would be his or her song?
I don’t have an antagonist in COAL. 
At some point, you are going to both love and hate all of my main
characters. But the closest person I have to an antagonist would probably say
she liked “Turn down for What?” By Lil Jon because she doesn’t believe
you should mute yourself. Life is too short for that.
10. What fictional character do you like the most and

I love Ged
from the Earthsea Series by Ursula K. Le Guin. He is a strong mage, but he
never boasts about his strength.

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