The first Wednesday of every month is where I admit to my insecurities as a writer.  I have to confess, I’m not feeling the least bit secure today.  I know I should be, I have a lot of things to be embarrassed and insecure about.  But knowing and feeling are two different beasts, and right now I’m feeling impervious.  I’m five chapters away from finishing my current draft.  Five chapters.  Five short chapters.  Then I will officially have a draft that I will not be embarrassed to show agents.  A draft where most of the grammar problems are gone (thanks to beta readers).  That makes me ecstatic and the very opposite of insecure. 
A few weeks ago, I had hit a rough spot.  I felt like I was wasting my time and neglecting my family for nothing.    But +Dyan Ford, +Joel Young and   @ofthewilds pushed me through the rough spot and I came out on the other side even more confident than before.   I know this feeling won’t last for long, so I’m going to enjoy this and go finish my last few chapters.
Peace Out and deuces.  Check out the other insecure writers here.

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