Things are happening (Coal has an official release date of July 25 and it can be pre-ordered here).  Stuff is coming together (My next book Black Beauty will be released in September) and it feels awesome.

My bank account is suffering. I’m hoping my available cash will last long enough to get everything edited, published, and looking good until I can start seeing a return on my investment.
I am broke, so the fire under my butt has stopped me from worrying so much about being perfect. It’s spurring me on to work smarter. I’ve learned. I’ve spent. Now I have to buckle down and be more efficient.
For anyone that’s read my blog for a while, you know I’m semi-obsessed about budgeting and money. But to self-publish and to do it right, I had to let go of the purse strings. For the most part, the best way for me to learn is by making mistakes AND mistakes cost money. Lots of mistakes have been made.  Lots of money has been spent. But finally Coal is coming (Did I post the pre-order. if not, you can buy it here) and now it’s time for me to be efficient. The second novel, Black Beauty, will only cost a fraction of what Coal cost to publish. I also think Black Beauty has the potential to appeal to a broader, less serviced niche. So it’ll have the potential to make enough money to cover production costs from Coal and itself. ::Fingers crossed::
A good support system
It’s amazing how far you can go with the support of friends and family and a little extra time.  I have to give a shoutout to my husband. He has been holding it down at home so that I can spend most of my spare time writing.
A writer must read
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing regular book reviews, so I’ve been reading more. Being constantly immersed in a book, has helped me stay in writer mode for editing Black Beauty. Certain parts of the novel have even begun to sound poetic. 

Did I tell you, Coal is available for the pre-order price of $1.99 on Amazon?

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