The Kindle’s text to speech feature has made all the difference in the amount of books I’ve been able to begin and finish. I now take my Kindle with me everywhere. I listen to it while I clean,  at lunch, and on my commute to and from work. However, I carry too much crap with me on a daily basis and I have a fantasy of having both my phone and kindle on one device. When the Fire phone was recently on sale for $199 with one year of free prime I was really tempted.   But I’m broke on a strict budget and I have to spend all my extra money on editors and book covers. But still I researched the phone, and I found a website that showed me how to use the text to speech feature on my iPhone.

Directions: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Speech.
With the text to speech feature on my iPhone,  I no longer have to have my phone and kindle on me. I can listen to my ebooks while driving to work using my phone ear buds. I could also listen to websites, Onenote and Wattpad stories from my phone. My tech life felt complete.
The reality was not as good as the fantasy.  After a few days of using this feature on my iPhone, I was reminded just how revolutionary the Kindle is. The voice on the kindle is pretty close to a human speaker. The text to speech feature on the iPhone is robotic and impersonal, and so most books I tried to read were hard get into to.
So it’s good to know that I have the option, but the text to speech feature on the iPhone by no means replaces my Kindle.
Update: Apple has updated their voiceover program. When I originally tried the program, the only option was Default. Now there is default, enhanced, and Alex. (a high-quality US English voice that delivers natural-sounding speech) But to use Alex, I need to delete some apps from my phone.  I’ll get to deleting and give you a review later. 

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