There is a
new Wattpad-ish
like site on the interwebs called Tablo.  It’s distinguishing itself as a start up and
as a site for writers by initiating a writing contest for the best nano:
“If you publish your NaNoWriMo progress on Tablo and attract a
following, you could score
a publishing deal with Momentum, the digital imprint of Pan
My initial
reaction: Tablo’s contest is not in the spirit of NaNoWriMo. National novel
writing month is about finishing a novel and fostering the “I can do
this” attitude most new writers don’t achieve until they’ve finished their
first nano. 
Anyways, I
made up my mind to do a big rant about how the contest goes
against the spirit of NaNoWriMo because it fosters the “I must edit attitude” which will kill most nano-ers. Well, I should have of created the post
when I was thinking about it, because Tablo has extended their deadline.  You now have a full month after NaNoWriMo
ends to refine your 50,000 words.  You
hear that? A WHOLE entire month. Good luck with that.
After I’ve complained about it,  I want
to give a shout out to Philip Overby.
+Philip Overby is getting it in. He is writing his nano, The Bloody Unicorn, on Tablo and it looks good.  He might even meet the 50,000 word goal. No
Pressure, +Philip Overby.  

Full disclosure: I won a contest and a character created in my likeness
is in Chapter 7. See if you can tell who I am, and cheer a brother on by liking his page.  Maybe his nano will win and he’ll get a publishing deal and then he hook me up. 

Aside and random:

researching this post, I learned Tablo is also different from Wattpad
because it can publish novels, short stories, or whatever you want directly to
Amazon and iBooks for a 20% commission. That might be a good deal if you can
get around the commission you have to pay to either site, but alas, you still have to
You accept and understand that this commission is on top of
any commission sought by distributors and retailers such as the 30% commission
received by the Apple iBooks Store and the Amazon Kindle Store.
For example, if you set your
list price to $9.99 then Apple will retain ~$3 of this list price, Tablo will
then receive a ~$2 commission from this sale, and the author will receive a ~$5
royalty. Pasted from <>
So if you use Tablo you lose an 20% more of your profits instead of going directly to
Amazon and iBooks yourself.

This post turned out more negative than I planned it to be. But ultimately any platform that gives authors a way to connect with new readers can’t be all bad. And the site looks beautiful! Once I get more time, I might go over there and work on a story. Until then please hop on over to Philip’s page  and check out Khanee the Big-Eyed Corpse Eater.  

explain to me why anyone would do this? Seriously. Let’s discuss.

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