Quote of the day: Sometimes I’ve believed as many
six impossible things before breakfast. Lewis Carroll
I got this quotes from Alice in Wonderland .  But I like to ask myself  “What Impossible Things Are You Going to
Do Today?”  It’s not enough to believe in
impossible things, you have to do impossible things.   For the past few days, I’ve been doing the
impossible.  I’m supposed to have my
novel completely critted by September 15th— I guess this was just a date I
picked out of the air, because I did the math and in order to meet that deadline
I’ll have to submit a chapter every two days. 
What the freak was I thinking, because I had been submitting one chapter
every week.  So that’s how I spent my
weekend-working my butt off to meet my September 15th deadline–I’ve been doing
the impossible.  So far so good.  Right now
I’m four whole days ahead of schedule.
So, What Impossible Things Are You Going To Do?

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