I finally saw Fury Road. Loved it with all of it’s  craziness. But of course, my shallow self loved the opportunity to see Cherlize Theron

Because not only is she a sexy beast, she’s a fierce actress.
Remember when she totally stole the movie from Kirsten Stewart and that other guy in Snow White and the Huntsman
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And when she almost got her freak on with Edris Elba in Prometheus. You know Prometheus was a work of fiction because there was no way I would ever tell her no. 
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And then we have that time she was in Monster. And she looked good even when she looked like a meth head. 
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Okay she didn’t really look good, but she was still fierce. 
Next up we have Nicholas Hoult. Who was the white, pastey bad guy turned good.  
I had been on the fence about his sexiness because of Jack and the Giant Slayer, but then he made me have the feels in Warm Bodies and I had to give the guy credit for making zombies sexy. 
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He also did a decent job as being a sexy beast in X-Men First Class
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One last thing. His eyes…. Those eyes though.


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