Want to know what I’ve been pondering….
Moving.  Moving to New York City or some
place similar.  I’m not even sure
why.  I didn’t fall in love NYC.  It was way too crowded, and dirty, and
smelled strange- which is my way of saying it stank in some places.  But the seed is planted and its growing and I
see myself leaving OKC . 
I always said that the only way that I
would leave Oklahoma would be if I was rich. 
I love Oklahoma.  I love the
slowness of it.  I love that unless
you’re looking for trouble, you can avoid it. 
I love the low cost of living and that I’m a five minute drive from most
of my family.  So its surprising that all
of a sudden I see myself living in another state.  I won’t be moving now or even next year, but
maybe five to six years from now when my daughter is finished with high school.
Before I was happy with visiting unique
places, now I’ve finally found a place I’d acutlaly move to while still
“not rich”.  You can be a
newbie here and not feel like a newbie. 
Everything is connected.  I would
not want to leave because I know where things are.  Public transportation is the key I think for

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