This will probably be the last chapter in Worlds Apart for a while, but it ends on a good note.

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Chapter Nine

Akasha was back on the stasis tube that she had lain on less than three days ago with Tuli standing over her and strapping her down.

“Are you ready, Akasha?” Tuli asked after he finished strapping Akasha down.

“Yes,” Akasha replied with the nervousness in her voice that she possessed right before every transfer.

“Count backwards from ten and then you should be on your way.”

“Wait, Tuli.  We never really discussed how this transfer would be different from all of the others,” Akasha said.

“I didn’t think you wanted to know.”

“Now, I do.”

Tuli, who had returned to his workstation, walked back over to Akasha.  “You will have your consciousness, so you’ll feel yourself travel from here to Earth.  You’ll also be fully awake as your energy signature is paired with a developing fetus.   Other than that, it shouldn’t be too different from any of your other transfers.”

“Will it hurt?” Akasha asked.

“You’ll have to tell me when you return,” Tuli answered before he returned to the computer monitor.  “Are you ready Akasha?”


“Count, please.”

“10, 9, 8, 7…” Before she could finish counting, she felt her essence rip out of her body and she felt herself being thrown into an empty abyss of silence.

This is hell, she thought as she remembered Duane’s description of Paleon.

“This is what you get for chasing down a man,” she heard Duane say in the back of her mind.  She found it a relief to have him there.

“I wouldn’t go around the block for a girl.  You’re crossing millions of miles of space for some man.  He must’ve been really good in bed.”

“There are more important things than sex, but yes, he was good.”  Akasha decided that she would humor him.

“So, whose body are you going to infect?”

“We don’t infect bodies we simply come along for the ride.  We’re more like passengers.”

“Not time.  I heard your speech to those fuckers.  You’re going to have your thoughts and shit… that means you ain’t gonna be the passenger, you’re gonna be the driver.”

Akasha couldn’t think of what to say.  Duane was right, but she wasn’t about to admit it.

“Never thought about that did ya?  You’re murdering some baby.  I’ve killed a lot of people, but I’ve never killed any babies.”

“Well, I guess this’ll be your first. since you’re taking the ride with me.”

“That’s all right with me.  Just as long as I get to track down those fuckers who shot me.”

“We’re not going back to solve your murder.  We’re going back to get Meehkah.”

“There’s plenty of time to do both.”

“But you haven’t factored in the fact that Meehkah was last seen in Asia.  Earth is a big place.  We could be transferred to South America or Ethiopia with no means of getting to Asia or America.  There are a lot of variables out of our control.”

“So they’ll just send you back, right?”

“No. If I don’t find Meehkah on this trip, I won’t be given another chance.”


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