some  random internet playing I found the
website Skillshare and their class: Get Things Done Like A Boss taught by Tiago Forte for $19.99.  I’m always looking for some way to increase
my productivity and tame procrastination so I paid for the class and watched all the videos in one day.
Skillshare feels
a bit similar to Penolope’s Trunk’s Quistic
but the classes are much, much cheaper. 
of the class:
Get Things Done Like A Boss (GTDLB) is taught by Tiago Forte
For all
intents and purposes he’s just an average joe who is teaching the productivity
tips he learned from reading Get
Things Done
by David Allen.  I’ve
never read Allen’s book, so I can’t compare the book to the class.
notes on the class:
  1. The instructional videos with handouts were very useful.  The class was clear and concise structure.  I didn’t get bored or too confused.  I was able to finish all five
    chapters/videos and implement the system in one day.  Admittedly, I didn’t get much else done
    that day.
  1. To
    implement the full program I needed Evernote and a task tracking program.
    I already had Evernote, but until the class I had not idea how to use
    it.  For a task tracking program
    there were two choices.  The first
    choice was Things for MAC.  I do
    half of my writing with a  Mac, but
    I didn’t want to pay the price for the apps ($49.99 for MAC, $19.99 for
    Ipad, and $9.99 for Iphone).  I downloaded the second choice, Todoist, instead.  With Todoist you only pay once for all platforms, but Todoist is $29/year. 
    So overtime, Todoist may not have been the best choice.  There is a free version of Todoist, but
    to follow the program I needed to buy the premium version. 
Cleaning…I’ve been using what I learned from the class daily for the past
month.  The skills I learned are perfect
for the home. My house (and my cubicle) has never been more consistently clean.  I do feel like
a boss when it comes to cleaning. 
Apparently all I needed was a daily list with reminders.  I really can’t stress how much this has helped me keep clean.  I’ve become a little obsessed with cleaning now.  I hop i keep this habit.
Writing…I’m on the fence.  Since
writing isn’t my full-time gig, its hard to have solid goals.  I’m taking it one day at a time, task by
task, scene by scene.  I’ve been enjoying
listing the steps as they arise on Todoist but I need a few more months to
see if this process works for writing.
For Work…
The process produces a good roadmap and a daily reminder of what’s
important.  If I get distracted I have
Todoist open, reminding me what I need to get done for the day. 

All in
all, if you’re having trouble cleaning and remembering what the hell you’re
supposed to be doing on a day to day basis or if you’re just a productivity
junky like me, the class Get Things Done Like a Boss is well worth the money.

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