between high school and college I figured out the meaning in life. I knew this
was a big deal because all around me were people lost and unhappy. But somehow,
I figured it out.  And for most part it
allowed me to live a happy, charmed, and blessed life. Here is the secret: Follow
Your Dreams
my dreams lead me to graduate hish school graduate, and college graduate, buy a
house, had some kids, traveled through the US and Costa Rica, and finally I got
one thing I’ve been working on that has yet to happen is to be a writer,
publish a book, and then publish lots of books.
been talking about being a writer for years, I would sneak an hour there or an
hour here.  But something has
changed.  I’m not happy with stolen
hours. Writing wants to take over my life. My spirit is uneasy and I’m at war
with myself. I talked to my hubby and we worked out a schedule where he would
help out more at home and I would work on finishing my novels.
this coincided with the beginning of the year. 
So for the Month of January I averaged 30 hours of writing on top of a
normal 40 hour work week.  Those numbers
are pretty incredible. 
is what I’ve learned from looking at writing as a part time job and trying to
quiet spirit.
A stolen hour is not enough (side note: its better than
nothing).  It takes a long ass time to
make headway on a novel.  It takes a long
ass time to edit. It takes at least an hour to get into flow.  So sitting for just an hour is akin to
sitting for 10 minutes.  A
writing/editing session should be three to four hours.
I can’t work from home.  No
work gets done.  There is the TV, my sexy
husband, wine, TiVo. My adorable ten year old, Dishes. So I go to McDonald’s or
Panera Bread.  It’s interesting to see
the regulars. The people who show up at the same time every day. I am one of
those people.
 I love it.  When I look at the numbers, I feel like  I should be mad at all the time I’ve put
in.  But I’m ecstatic.  I love writing, and now I’m not so mad about
editing. I used to hate it because I felt like it ate away so much time, but
now that I have more time. I see an end to it, so it’s not such a big deal.

I’m curious though…. What do you think the meaning of life is? 

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