I let my daughter choose the
spot for our next vacation. She chose Los Angeles at first, but I said no
because I don’t like L.A. and I’ve heard their transportation system sucks.
  So then she chose NYC. I don’t think I would have chose to go there on
my own. Despite it being a writers mecca.  
So here is my plan:

Vacation plan:

-Write everyday: Have the four
new scenes written and mostly polished.

-Eat mindfully: eat a salad
every day and stick to intermittent fasting with healthy snacks.

-Exercise in the morning. Daily Schedule:Wake at 5:45 AM. Start writing at 6AM. There
should be some pretty cool coffee shops near the hotel???  Write til 7:45 AM.  Exercise: 8 and 8:45
 Write from 9 to 10:30.  11 AM–Free Time!   

The Results:
Day One: 
I followed my wiring plan.
Woke, wrote, write, exercised, and then wrote a little more.  
My personal tour guide arrived
and took us to Central Park and Brooklyn.  Then I finally understood why
people fall in love with NYC especially Brooklyn.   I saw lots of
families, street vendors, and lots of diversity.  Brooklyn was a living breathing
Day Two: 
Woke up late, spent 45 min
looking for a cool coffee shop before I gave up and went to a McDonald’s. But
atleast it was in a neighborhood. 
Our tour guide was back and
took us to Chinatown. Wow this place was crowded. It felt like another country
with lots of smells.  
Later our tour guide left, but
Maya and I felt confident enough to take the subway by ourselves to Uptown
Manhattan–and we pulled it off without getting lost.   Again. Nice. With
lots of nice people and trees. There were lots of buildings in NYC but there
was a nice mix trees and buildings uptown.
Day Three–The Last Day:
Our tour guide had to leave so
we were on our own. 
We took the subway to Harlem.
The stuff of legends, man. 
Day Three in Harlem
The we tried to take the subway
to Soho, but the subway app I downloaded on my phone was incorrect and we
wasted an hour on the subway to get back where we started.
I also discovered that I needed
to do the opposite of whatever my Google maps told me to do when we were
walking.  I was feeling really stupid until I figured that out.
I had planned to hit up Central
Park, the Natural Museum and Grand Central Station but that never happened. I
was really sad about that. But one of the reasons I didn’t plan this trip was
because I wanted to see what the city had to offer and come back next year with
a detailed plan.
So mission accomplished.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you exactly what I plan to
do on the next trip to New York.  

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