My love
story to Google+
Google+ has made social networking fun and
meaningful.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
— all of them felt fake to me. 
I’m especially loving Google+ because I no
longer have to spend all  my time creating three blog posts a week, which I
was failing at.  I can write one blog
post a week and still interact with my network by interacting through my circles. That is a big weight off my
I’m in love with Pinterest
created a really cool Pinterest board for COAL here: 
I’ve been
working on my worldbuilding/active setting skills and pinning has helped
inspire me.  If you’re on Pinterest,
follow me and I’ll follow you back.
WattPad Love
I pretty
much have one commentor on +Wattpad . 
We’ve been online buddies for years, but this is the first time she’s
read any of my stuff.  She reads and
comments; and she’s always super excited even with the typos.  OHEMGEE, she has made writing so much fun for
me.  And less lonely. I am shocked by the
elation to be honest.   I feel guilty
over how great her comments make me feel. We are supposed to be writing for
ourselves and not accolades, right? 
To deal
with this guilt, I had to remind myself why I’m writing:
 I’m writing because I want to create diverse
characters for others to read.  The type
of characters I would have liked to have discovered when I was younger. 

So… my
guilt is for no reason.  I am getting
what I asked for. It just feels a thousand times better than I ever imagined it
would.    So +Valerie Rebecca Samuel  Chapter 11
is being posted to Wattpad and I’ve dedicated it to you.
Okay I lied, it’s not all love, i have one gripe 
I bought an iPad a few months ago.  I felt so guilty when I bought that expensive ass piece of equipment.  But Scrivner is creating an app for iPads, so I thought it would be a good way to work on the go.  Unfortunately, Scrivener still hasn’t released the app. 
I no longer feel guilty over the purchase.  It is a great piece of technology.  It makes critting through Google documents much easier.  It’s almost like a hybrid book in that case.
My one complaint, I can’t directly edit my Scrivener documents from my Dropbox.  It seems like that would be such an easy task.  –Oh there is a document in this file.  Oh its rich text file, no problem.  But there is a problem.  
I’m tempted to move all of my documents to Google drive, but unless I’m online, Google documents won’t let me edit my stuff.  I’m usually online, but I don’t want the requirement of connectivity to stop me from working.   I should probably look into to My Liquid Story Binder.  It’s easier to access my work from their files. 

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