+Madhuri Blaylock  tagged me a long ass time ago to post something about something.  I couldn’t find the original post.  I think it had something to do with my favorite sexy people…. Maybe. But I drafted a post after she tagged me, I just never posted it… Well here it goes. I ended up just waxing poetic about some of my favorite characters and people. Enjoy.
Akasha and Aaliyah
Every time
I create a protagonist/antagonist I name her Akasha. That means Crazy Jade from Black
Beauty was originally named Akasha. I love “Queen of the Damned” by Anne Rice and I love Aaliyah so you can
imagine the complete happiness I was in when Aaliyah was cast as the baddest, oldest bitch in all of vampireville.
Once I read +R.A. Salvore +R.A. Salvatore  The Dark Elf Trilogy I was hooked. A dark
skinned elf and a hero.  There were so few dark skinned anyting in fantasy
so again, I fell in love with Drizzt and pretty much I was hooked on elves,
dwarves, and dragons after that. I yearned to have my own black boy immersed in
a land of elves and dwarves so he was one of the inspirations behind Coal.
I heart her because
she wrote Wild Seed and opened my mind to gender bending, race bending, shape
bending. Did I mention my daughter’s middle name is Octavia?
Basset  as Mace in Strange Days
It was the
first movie I saw that had a black female in a lead role in a sci fi movie. She
kicked serious ass, she looked fine as hell, and she got her guy at the
end.  Ralph Fiennes became an instant
heart throb for me after that.  I even
think he’s sexy as Voldemort
+Nnedi Okorafor  I love her
writing. After reading Zahrah the Windseeker, I decided to drop my super complicated sci-fi novel and do a fantasy YA instead.  I met her at a conference. And Ohemgee. She has a beautiful
spirit. I’ve met a few writers from my con-going days, but this woman was just
awe inspiring.
Cause she
wrote the poem that taught me that I was a Phenomenal Woman and that  I am the Hope and the Dream of
the Slave so I better act accordingly. Did I tell you my daughter was named after her, too.  Well I just did.  Maya Octavia Burris. A physical representation of my hopes and dreams.

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