Confession: sometimes when I’m writing  I say “eff it” when it come to
grammatical errors; I’ll just let my beta readers sort it out for me.  But +Amy Glamos  mentioned something in a
post.  10,000 hours isn’t going to make
you a master if you do the same ole thing every time. In order to become a
master, you must improve continuously -while keeping things simple.

So uhm yeah… If I want to become a master, I
must look closely at my mistakes and shake off my laziness.   So according to my beta readers, these are
my most common mistakes:
1.  Past
vs. Passed. 
Past indicates direction or time:  He was from the past.  Go past the bus and you’ll see him.
Passed equals something moving:  He passed me on the way to the bus.
Bonus: I kept writing  Coal walked passed him, and it should have
been Coal walked past him.
Bought vs. brought
Bought and brought are the past tenses of
two different verbs.
Bought is the past tense of ‘buy’: I
bought a car from the mortician
Brought is the past tense of ‘bring’: I
brought my car to the park.
I can remember this rule because bring and brought have the same first
two letters. 
3. Awake vs.  Awaken vs. wake up
Awake is an adjective. I want to be in bed now, but I am awake and tired.
Awaken is a verb. (not as commonly used as “wake up”): I awaken. We awaken. He awakens at 5 AM every day.
4. Skipping and leaving out words
I am worse at this than I am at
grammar.  I didn’t know how to fix this
until I discovered Scrivener for Mac which has a text to speech option
(Scrivener for Windows be damned).  Now
whenever I finish a paragraph or a chapter, I sit back and listen to the
dialogue and that’s how I catch missing words.  
Help me out with this one.  Two of my beta readers were really frustrated
because I used screamed as a dialogue tag. 
For me screaming is synonymous with a raised her voice.  I googled this, but I couldn’t find a site
that said you couldn’t use screamed as a dialogue tag.  So readers, what is the rule on using
screamed as a dialogue tag? No, yes, hell no?

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