So…. because of the hint that Scrivener will be making an app for the Apple Ipad, I bought an expensive ass Ipad.  I feel soooo guilty.  It costs as much as my laptop and does not do as much. 
There are is so much guilt attributed to this thing that it makes my head hurt.  I could have used that money for house repairs, car repairs, college education fund, that thing that starts with a W (I’m still too scared to say the real word outloud).  What if i don’t use it for anything important?  I’m not even sure if the Microsoft version of Scrivener will be compatible with the iPad version of Scrivener.  And what if i still don’t get anything published. 
I will use the fear of excessive consumption as a motivator to do more work and feel less guilty about this expensive ass piece of equipment.  I am writing this blogpost on it right now. Here are my ultimate goals:
1. Completely finish working on the outline for BLACK BEAUTY
2. Submit the short story Chaos continuously
3. Have Coal ready by November.

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