Angel and Darla continued…..
3.  For the entire season, Darla tries to get Angel to get freaky with her by doing some pretty sadistic things.  Evil things.  And in a fit of pissedoffness.  He gives in.   They do the nasty and Darla wakes up expecting for Angel to be evil.  (btw, if Angel ever has sex which equates to pure happiness when he orgasms, then he will be evil ) but  Dude wakes up, smiling.  Happy, but not evil.  And says it was just sex.  It didn’t rock his world.   Then kicks her the fudge out.
4.  BURN! As a woman, I hate that part.  But as a storyteller.  Love it.  It was just sex.  A release.  Just an act.  And I was shocked, because one he has finally done what we wanted, but never thought that he would.  And two there was no perceived consequence. He didn’t turn evil.  WTF!  Great story telling! (much later there is a consequence-of course.)
Having to explain why I love Darla and Angel’s relationship makes me feel a little bit twisted.  But actions speak louder than words, Darla loves Angel. Soul or not.  She loved him.  Angel loved Darla.  They just didn’t end up together.  Sex with her might not have been his opinion of true and pure happiness, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her, IMO.
I think I’ve done a pretty good job of adding what I loved about Darla and Angel’s relationship in in COAL.  Coal and Chalcedony are fighting on two opposing sides.  They were raised together so they have a deep connection like Darla and Coal.  But due to an circumstances end up on opposite sides of an issue.  With such strong wills, how do you meet in the middle?  Realistically you can’t.  Just as Angel and Darla couldn’t.  But maybe I can find a way for Coal and Chalcedony to be together.  –Maybe–
Opposite sides of a problem
Chaley=bad (justifiably bad)
Both strong, but one is more powerful than the other
Angel is stronger than Darla,
But Darla is more devious and she gets in lots of good hits.  At times their strength is perceived to be equal.
Chaley is definitely stronger than Coal. 
A strong back story which   supports a strong link
Check-they wreaked havoc together for 150 years
Chaley saved him and they were raised as best friends
With such extremes, do they end up together?
No.  When two strong people have such impossible views, it’s impossible to come together.
???? I don’t think I can tell you the answer to this.
The oh shoot moment when they come together but then its jerked away
When they finally do the nasty, but Angel does not change
It’s definitely there… but I think I need to make it JUICIER.  It’s definitely not on Darla and Angel’s level–YET!

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