of my favorite blogger/author, Alex Sokoloff, advices is to get your favorite
stories rather they’re in book or movie and analyze them to see how you can
incorporate what you learned from your favorites into your own stories.  I’ve done something similar for the love
story between Darla and Angel from The series spin-off Angel, which aired on
the WB from 2000 to 2010.  Angel is one
of my top five favorite TV shows.

a soulless bad ass vampire, sired Angelus (Angel’s evil side who has no soul)
approximately 247 years ago.    Darla and
Angelus were then together for 150 years happily terrorizing people.   One night, Darla brings Angelus a gypsy.  He kills the gypsy and so the gypsies, for
revenge, curses Angelus with a soul.  No
soul =evil and without remorse. 
now Angel turns into a sniffling soul-full vampire who disgusts Darla.  I loved how she runs from him, snarling while
he is begging her for help.  
here we go. Almost a hundred years later. 
The evil lawyers from Wolfram and Hart bring Darla, who Angel killed on
Buffy a few years ago, back from dead as a human who later is turned back into
a vampire.
Love Story
is my version and analysis of the sequence of events:
1.  The
story line is introduced by having Darla play with his dreams.  So we get a lot of what we want.  Sex and violence.  Yes they are evil, but they are obviously
happy in love (although technically vampires have no soul and can’t love).    In reality, Angel would never sleep with
the evil Darla.  But if it’s just a
dream…then….he is allowed to play and frolic all he wants.  And he does. 
And its decadent and fun to watch. 
So then Angel finds out he’s not dreaming Darla alive, she’s
human, and has been f’n with his dreams! 
OhEmGee, he’s so pissed.  But
she’s pretending not to be her.  Just to
play with his head and have others think he’s crazy.  So he kidnaps her  to get her to admit she’s Darla.  To do that he hits her because pain was a big
part of their relationship.  Then he gets
her against the wall and kisses her.  It
may not be romantic, but it’s definitely passionate, she melts into his kiss
and admits who she is.  I love the
trigger, she tries but can’t help but be turned on by his kiss, his touch and
the pain.  (So Damn Dysfunctional)

2.  Then of course, he really wants her so after she admits it,
they still kiss and make out, before he finally 
stops.  So here we have the
sexual tension
.  You KNOW he wants to
give in.  You know he wants to go down
that path.  But he is a champion, the
protector of the innocent, so he chooses to say no.  Doing what you know is right when you really
want to do  bad is the irony of life and
love<—the hook.

to be continued tomorrow…(i hate long blog posts)

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