I am a
minimalist and I am on a mission to pay off my mortgage and student loans in
the next five years. So I avoid shopping if possible. But when I do shop, I
like to buy nice expensive things that I know will last for a while. Instead of
cheaper items that may not stand up to the test of time. So when a few Oklahoma Woman Bloggers were
given $20 to shop at Just
Between Friends
to see exactly how much we could buy. I was curious to see
how minimalism would work with what I thought would be a store full of used
I was excited because I didn’t think there would be anything there for bigger kids. I had this idea in  my head of a thrift store, but I was very, very wrong. There was a large inventory full of nicely used and new clothes.  When I ran into school uniform heaven, I ended up spending an extra 10 dollars. It would have been more if I had bought in a credit card. My ten year old has to wear uniforms to school and there were an entire section ripe for the taking.
I ended up with 3 pair of uniform shorts and a t-shirt for 30 dollars  I regret this now; I should have bought more pants. The day I went shopping it was a beautiful 70 degrees outside. Now it’s like 18 degrees. But as soon as it warms up again my son will have lots of shorts to wear. 
Anyways, I would totally return to a JBF sale. The selection was off the hook. 

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