It’s Throwback Thursday, in honor of Ursula K. Le Guin winning the National Book Award, I’m reblogging post from October 2013. In it, I credit Ursula K. Le Guin for writing the first book I read featuring a black female protagonist. I heart her.

There is more information on Le Guin’s award here

Up until
college, all I did was read Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF).  I was addicted the moment I read a
story in kindergarten about people living on Venus.  I think I must have asked my mom if we were ever going because she told me the story wasn’t true.  It was make-believe.  That intrigued me.  Why was it written if it wasn’t true? Why couldn’t I go to Venus?!  (Also, for the longest time I wanted to be astronaut just so I could go).  Well, I’ve been hooked on science fiction and fantasy ever since.   

In junior high, I
discovered Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven. In the book there is a black female lead named Heather.  I about lost my mind!!!  I had never read any SFF with a black woman in it.  I hadn’t known there was something missing in SFF until I had found it.
 A good story is a good story regardless of race, but every child one likes to
see a version of themselves in the books they read. For the first time, I
got to be BLACK and FEMALE.   It was awesome.  Especially since Heather was smart and strong willed.
Because of the mind blowing experience of reading a book with a character of color, I write science fiction
and fantasy with diverse main characters.  Since Google+ is my social network of choice,  I started The  G+ community Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy.  It’s a community where:
1. Readers can brag about their favorite diverse characters that have blown their mind.
2. Diverse authors can showcase their work.
3. Geeks can discuss geekdom with other
4. Authors can learn how to create diverse characters.
There are dozens of other scenarios, but I abhor long blog posts.  The point is, everyone is welcome  (that was code for if you’re not a person of color you can still join).  Here is the link (if you didn’t click it the first time):  Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy.
If you’re an
asshat who doesn’t think we should worry about race, gender, or sex in SFF this
community isn’t for you.  Please go away.   Don’t hate on something because you don’t understand it.  
For those who have no idea what I’m talking about and to give proper credit, here are some sites you should visit: 
2. G+ community +Carl Brandon Society   

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