Fantasy Confessions: I Eat Babies
COAL is a
fantasy–I meant it to be an urban fantasy like Holly Black’s VALIANT.  But that didn’t work out.  I have to confess: I don’t like world
building.  I don’t like describing the
different fey creatures or creating a different world.  I only like characters and plot, Because when I read that’s all I concentrate
on.  My crit partner, told me I should
take the world that’s in my head and put it on paper.  But I don’t have the world in my head.  I only have the characters and the plot.  That is a horrible thing to admit for a
speculative fiction writer, I feel as if I just admitted that I eat
babies.  The first step to remedying a
problem is confessing to it.  I confess I
hate fantasy world building.
that I hate world building, forced me to ask what exactly do I like about
fantasies if I’m not reading or paying attention to the fantastical
elements.  I like the adventures.  The journey. 
Its like a an awesome road trip. The only world building from my master
that I really enjoyed is the forest and the entire world in Nnedi
Okorafor’s Zahrah the Windseeker, the tombs in the Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le
Guin, and the tunnels in the Legend of Drizzt series.   So I need to look at those books and study
what makes them exciting to me and see if I can bring that
excitement to my world in COAL.  
Wish me luck.

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