In My Plan for  Financial Independence, I
mentioned my husband decided he’d ditch his dead end job and return to school. I
agreed, but with a few restrictions. 
He would have to pay his own tuition and he would have to earn his own
spending money for hanging out with the guys. That meant that I would take care
of the mortgage, gas, groceries and all of the grown up stuff. I included those
restrictions because one, I have my own plan for world domination and I believe
in order for relationships to work me having to set aside the money to pay
for tuition would negatively affect my get out of debt plan. And two, I wanted
to see how hard it would be to make money without having a boss. We all know
most people will never hit it big working for someone else even with a college degree and a well-paying
job.  Financial independence is more
likely if you work for yourself and own a business. 
This is what he has done so far to earn extra money:
My husband
lived with me for two years before we were married. For the entire time, his
one bedroom renovated 1920’s house sat empty. I had been bugging him to rent it
out for a while, but he refused. Secretly, I think he wanted the house to stay
empty incase it didn’t work out between the two of us.
married now and he needed the money, so he finally decided to clear out his
bed, clothes, and car parts and rent the house t. 
income: $473 
2 hours per month
wage: $236
He’s also car enthusiast who spends hours at
a time looking at car porn. He walks around the rows and rows of metal caucuses
and broken windshields at junk yards as a stress reliever. So selling salvaged car parts on
Ebay was a no brainer. He also buys new parts from sites like Alibaba and sells
them to other car obsessives from the neighborhood.
income: $200/month depending on the price of the salvaged units
4 hours (salvaged, posting the parts online, and then shipp)
wage: $50/hour
Is it
His old
job paid $13 per hour, which netted $1600 per month. Now he’s averaging
$112/hr. He hasn’t come up with enough income streams to meet
his previous monthly wage, but he is making enough money to make tuition.
Since he’s
on winter break we’re playing around with Uber and/or Lyft… I’ll be posting our
experience on ridesharing programs as soon as I can figure out how to get
registered.  So far it’s not as easy as
we thought it would be.

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