It’s the end of the year, and I’m broke. So it’s the perfect time to look at my finances and see what I can cut out. Honestly, this post is embarrassing. I should have cut most of these bills months ago. but hey, maybe if I post about my shame, it’ll encourage you to cut some bills and save some money.

Pandora— 4.99

Totally not my fault. It was hubby’s subscription.

HBO Go— $14.99

We bought this so we could watch The Leftovers and The Game of Thrones. Now its back to waiting for Netflix and buying DVDs.

Cable— $50

Canceled all stations but the local stations ($21). Plan on buying digital boxes so that should the $21 should be gone soon.

Netflix DVD Service— $16

Canceled the DVD service. It would be too embarrassing for me to tell you the last time I actually mailed back a movie.

The Teen’s Gym Membership— $19

She ain’t been going.

TiVo— $16

Two old-ass Tivo boxes that no longer work well on Digital TVs. It’s amazing how long TiVo boxes last.

YMCA— $38

I thought I would be working downtown, so I bought a discounted membership. I only used it twice. For Shame.

IPad Data Service— $15.99

Hmm…. The iPad stopped working a few months ago. I stopped using the cellular part a year ago. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk..

Total Saved


It took less than forty-five minutes altogether to cancel these services and I saved myself almost $175 per month. This should have been done months ago.


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