I heard about this show via NPR. The author Joe R. Lansdale was a natural story teller and my interest was piqued. I’m shallow. If you can’t tell by my reviews of Shadowhunters and StarCrossed. Well, Hap and Leonard was a (welcome) departure from all the bare-chested young men and skinny girls (I’ve been binging Teen Wolf. Ohemgee all of the eye candy).

Hap and Leonard is as gritty as you can get without being reality TV.

Let’s meet the characters, because really who cares about the plot.

HAP played by James Purefoy


He’s the protagonists and James does a good job in the role, but Hap is the most boring character. He’s the protagonists, he does what he needs to do, but everyone else has all of the personality and all of the good lines.

Leonard played by Michael Kenneth Williams

Leonard is Hap’s emotions personified. There is probably a writerly term for this but I can’t think of it.  Leonard is either really angry or really sad (well as sad as they’ll let him be and still be masculine). The point is, he feels all the things. He is hyper-masculine, black, and unapologetically gay. He is a wonderful diverse character, and Leonard is still groundbreaking (IMO) even though we’ve had a few examples of black, gay and kick ass characters on television already: Omar from the Wire and Lafayette from True Blood. I kinda got sad whenever Leonard wasn’t in a scene. Hap was cool and all but Leonard pulled my heart strings.

Trudie played by Christina Hendricks

Can’t even do Trudie. She switches her behind onto the show and instantly her and Leonard dislike each other and I didn’t like her either.  But by the last two episodes, I had to give Trudie props. For me she was the hero of the show. Like Fury Road, the hero and the protagonist were not the same person, and like Fury Road the heroes are the women.

Special Shout out to Angel played by Pollyanna McIntosh

She was part of the killing duo. (I’ll have to rewatch it to see, but I don’t even think she talked until second to last episodes). She popped onto the show in an American psycho, Christian Bale killing scene with blood and sex and plasticy leather. It was a really weird and out of place introduction. But really all of the scenes with the duo felt othered and out of place. This new York like couple in this rural hot sweaty rural town. Clearly the Yankee vs southerners type of dynamic. Once they entered the scene, the show began to feel like pulp fiction, brought on merely to cause tension. But I still enjoyed the show.

Once they entered the scene, the show began to feel like pulp fiction, brought on merely to cause tension and be dramatic. But I still enjoyed the show.
Anyway back to Angel. Like Trudie was the strongest of the protags, Pollyanna was the strongest of the antagonists/bad guys. She was a barely clothed, tall, killing machine straight out of a comic book (or pulp novel).

I really want to gush about the last episode, but I don’t want to be spoilery. It was so good!
My husband said they did a good job highlighting male friendship.

North Vs. South, Yankees vs. Rednecks, Country vs. Techno, Hippies vs. Conservatives. Ironically though, the hippies are mostly the southerners.

American psycho meets One False Move (Staring Billy Bob Thornton and Bill Paxton)
This takes place in the 80’s by the way.

There is a scene where the Yankees are trying to get information from the Rednecks. The Yankee decides to play some music. Country music is already in the record player. The bad guy dismisses the country music and starts playing and dancing to techno.

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