Giant Change: Confessions of a Giantess, Book One

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I’m a Giant. Well I’m an Almost Giant.

Before I could reach the usual ten feet most giants reach, a fey queen offered me a potion to stunt my growth.

And it worked.

Now I’m living my best life. Yes, I’m six and half feet tall, but I’m passing as human and I’ve landed my dream job as a lawyer.
Best of all, I’m dating my sexy new co-worker who doesn’t mind that I’m taller than him or that I’m a virgin (not that I plan on keeping that label for long).

But all of my perfect plans for the future are suddenly in jeopardy when the fey queen who controls the potion, forces me to defend a troll in a murder case who uses glamor to appear human.

Now, I’ll have to carefully maneuver my way around a series of lies to keep my job, my secret, and my perfect life.

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