Ten Fabled
Trapped in a world of dark magic, Rowena must learn how to become her own
Easier said than done.
2.) In
Mezzanine, neither time nor death exist.
3.) Many
storybook characters appear, but they’re not as friendly as we remember.
Kidnapping and slavery doesn’t sound like a fairy tale, or does it?
Adelaide Kane would be my pick to play Rowena in a movie.
6.) The
Brothers Grimm make an appearance.
Someone becomes possessed, and someone gets married.
Sometimes aligning with your enemies is the only solution.
Betrayal of a sister is the worst of all wounds.

10.) Home
isn’t how she left it.
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Meet the Author: Vanessa K. Eccles graduated Troy University with a degree in English. She currently serves as executive editor of Belle Rêve Literary Journal and is founder of the book blog YA-NASisterhood. When she’s not writing or devouring books, she enjoys the lake life with her Prince Charming and their four dogs.

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