Okay so… the original plan was to have Coal, Chalcedony, and Elizabeth.  But Book two got like way complicated, so I’m having to split it into two books. So Book 2 will be titled CHALCEDONY Book 3 will be titled ISIS (maybe) and book 4 will be ELIZABETH (maybe).

I’m super excited about Elizabeth because I’ve decided Elizabeth will be 12 or 14 years old in the book. And it will be filled with lots of pop culture and anime references. I love a good anime, and because I’ve been watching all of those Simone gymnastics videos on Facebook it’ll be filled with gymnastics references.

And ELIZABETH will be awesome!!!! I’m thinking about making every chapter will be a journal entry. I’m almost tempted to have a completely new series of books pop off from this book, but we’ll see. It’ll be Aria stark and death note.

Now that I have my eureka moment, I can start outlining this baby. I outline in my spare time. Outlines are fun.

In more Everleaf news, I have 20,000 readable words of Book 2, and 60,000 of not so readable words. I think which is awesome. I’d think by the third book, I wouldn’t be so excited to get words down. But it’s still like super exciting.

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