I am stuck in editing hell. This isn’t unusual. Editing is always hard for me. But the pain of editing Giant Change has been unusually stubborn and deep and strong. I should have moved on to the next story by now.  I’m going to miss the pre-order release date, which really saddens me. I had such high hopes for my productivity in 2017. I was just beginning to make a profit, not publishing regularly will really hurt my pocket.

But alas, plans change.

I’m writing this blog post just so I can feel like I’ve done something creative. Just so I can poke my head out of the editing black hole that I’m in.

Something has to change in regards to editing this book. . .

Maybe I’ll make myself post sections/chapters to the blog or Wattpad so that I can’t stay on a paragraph or a sentence or page for weeks on end because it doesn’t sound right.

Hmmm . . .



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