Dragon Lady
Me dressed as Dragon Lady!!!

Dragon Lady or Using Anger for good.
A few days ago, I
woke up mad.  I was so mad I couldn’t
write that morning.  Since I was angry, I dressed for my mood as I got ready for work.   I put on a bold black dress, a flaming red cardigan and put my hair in an updo.   I felt like a dragon lady with my fabulous
red and black ensemble and diva hair.  I realized I was no
longer mad as I admired myself in the mirror.  I was too damn hawt to be
Suddenly, I wanted
my anger back.  I had
wasted valuable writing energy on creating an outfit when I should have been
writing a bad ass fight scene.  Or maybe I should
have written a
call to action scene.  
For the writers
out there, have ever used your anger for
bad.  Have you ever wrote a kick ass
scene fueled by anger.  

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