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did you do? What just happened?” Eve demanded.
crashed the energy grid for this quadrant,” Ana said calmly. Stepping outside
the guard shack, she slowly looked the building up and down twice through a
small scope.
looked at Eve. Eve shrugged her shoulders and adjusted her rope. “OK, I’ll
bite… and why did you crash the energy grid for this quadrant?”
building is now being powered by backup generators. But the generators have a
limited capacity, so only the floors that are most critical to the business
should be on,” Ana explained, as a 3D rendering of the building materialized
above her tablet. The rendering contained small human images inside. “The
outage will only last seven minutes, but when the power comes back on the
cameras will be in an endless loop, so we don’t have to worry about being seen.
Now, the lobby security will be checking every floor, so we need to check our
five floors as quickly as possible. I already unlocked the doors to the loading
dock, so let’s go! Wait…”
saw that Ana had a concerned look on her face. “What’s wrong?”
have a larger janitorial staff than I figured. I count nine individuals in the
building, but—”
what?” Gwen pressed.
signature. There is something different, unique, about one of the heat
signatures. We might want to rethink this.”
I told you! It’s a trap!”
don’t know that! We have to try. We have to at least try. I can’t go on like
Eve! Fine! But I’m only going in if we’re not doing the stupid monster movie
thing and splitting up. We check the floors together.”
That’ll take too long,” Eve stated.
you see something is wrong here? I have a sixth sense about these things, and
this doesn’t feel right! So we go in together and stay together or we don’t go
fine, whatever.”
And another thing—” Gwen started, before Eve interrupted her.
Shouldn’t we say a prayer first or something?”
can’t be serious!”
wouldn’t I be serious?”
about to break into a building! And you just choked out a security guard.
Doesn’t it say in the Bible, ‘Thou shalt not choke out minimum wage workers’?”
get an attitude! I’m just saying—a prayer might be nice!”
can’t pray before you break into a building! Plus, that guy probably has a wife
and kids! Now he’s going to lose his job because he was choked out by a
bookworm! I pray that you don’t run into another security guard or janitor!”
not funny! Let’s just go!”
here, take these. You can hook them on your belt.” Ana gave Eve and Gwen some
inspected one of the canisters. “What are they?”
clipped her canisters on her belt. “Anyway, remember if something happens, we
go out the windows and not the exits. That’s what the ropes are for. Got it?”
we do this already?” Eve stormed off.
stood over Ana as Ana slid a card through an electronic door reader.
is that card again?” The girls were in a dimly lit hallway. Abstract artwork
adorned the walls and the floors were polished marble. Ana was attempting to
open two large double doors.
a skeleton key. It has integrated circuits and a microprocessor that
communicates wirelessly with my computer. The first swipe detects the type of
cryptography or encryption algorithm, and voila! The second swipe unlocks the
door. It works on hotel rooms too!”
you two finished? Can we go in now?” Eve asked, as the door opened. The three
sisters entered cautiously. The room had a large lab at the center, surrounded
by cubicles. The lab was encased in glass with a biohazard sign on the door.
Two large oak desks were directly in front of the lab door.
must be it!” Eve exclaimed
I thought I heard something?” Gwen whispered.
kept saying that on the sixth floor. I’m not falling for it,” Eve replied.
keep telling you, this doesn’t feel right. And where are all those janitors?”
That’s actually a good point…” Ana noted.
girls froze. Holding her breath, Gwen noted the east and west ends were a wall
of windows. The west side was too far away. Plus, they would have to pass an
emergency exit. Gwen grabbed her rope and started walking toward the east
on! We have to go!” she whispered to Ana and Eve, who were still frozen. She
came back for them. “Ana, lock the doors, and let’s go!”
started pushing them toward the windows. She stopped when she heard footsteps
outside the door they’d just come in. She heard more footsteps coming up the
stairwell of the emergency exit. Whoever they were, they’d given up the
pretense of being quiet.

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Plot Summary:

This was going to be a special
year for the Parker sisters. Eve was going to dominate in the classroom and on
the basketball court.

Gwen was going to make the
starting five and go down in history as the greatest prankster ever. Ana was
going to do as little as possible.
But without warning, all three sisters gain extraordinary
abilities that defy science… powers that come with a cost. Now all they want to
do is make it through the school year without drawing any undue attention,
while racing to find a cure before the side effects of their new abilities kill
them. Eve’s temperament, Gwen’s fondness for pranks, and Ana’s predilection for
money, however, are challenges they must overcome to achieve their goals.
Because if they can’t, they’re dead…

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