I’ve been dreading
blogging.  Dreading it.  Which is bad because I
just participated in a blog hop and I have 8 new friends.  YEAH. 
I should write content for these new friends, but why would I want to blog when I could be
really writing…ugh. 
So here is a
reminder to myself: Blogging is real writing! 

I think I’ve been
putting too much pressure on myself to write good content. So here is a fun random post that has no good content whats so ever.

I bought The Blank Book by Lemony Snicket from the thrift store a week ago.  A few pages were torn out, but it was blank and it looked pretty new. 
I’ve been using it as a writing journal by taking simple notes to remind
myself what I’ve done for the day. 
Writing in the blank book makes my feel devilishly wicked.  Yes, I said devilishly wicked.  The book makes me feel like I can take over
the world and do lots of damage simply by writing in it.  That is just so weird.  Moleskin journals be damned.  I prefer a journal that praises devilish
thoughts and wicked deeds.  I want to go to Amazon and buy more used copies so that I’ll have back ups.
 I bought a couple Kendrick Lamar CDs:  1 and 2.   and the music has caused me to contemplate on my own religion and/or spirituality.  I even have the half written blog post as
proof.  Coincidentally, my daughter and I saw This is the End over the weekend and it
had her contemplating religion and God. 
That movie was crazy and very vulgar, but I think it was also one of
the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  But the movie still encouraged deep thoughts… Kudos to any  musician or movie that can evoke that type of thoughts nowadays.  When asked about it, my fifteen year old said it
was crazy but had a good message:  Be
nice to people.  That’s such a simple message, but its much easier said than done. 

PS.  Michael Cera acting like an asshole in the beginning of the movie just made him that much hotter…  

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