Last week, Diverse Book Tours hosted COAL. It was amazing, and here are a few things I learned:

    1. Some book reviewers should be writers. Curtis at Convergence Book Reviews made me forget I wrote COAL, and I wanted to run out and buy a copy.
    2. I suck as a book reviewer. I have to be better.
    3. Some people read novels, the story doesn’t go how they expect, and they get mad. Then there are the others. The ones I write for, who love it. They love the unpredictability. Bottom Line: We all want something different. Find your tribe.
    4. My idea of paying someone to proofread isn’t in line with reality. Lesson learned.
    5. Diverse readers go hard. I’m not the only person addicted.

Tomorrow. I’ll post excerpts from a few of the reviews.

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