Constance Burris Allen Chaos Short StoryIn honor of my birthday and because I’ve been given the precious gift of time, I went ahead and published my short story CHAOS to Smashwords and Amazon.  And because its my birthday, I made it free on Smashwords for today.

I always thought that if I was going to publish something it would be my novel first, but ebooks have created a big demand for short fiction. Something than can be read in one sitting or two.

The short story can be found here:

I’m hoping to get 100 ratings/reviews of the book.  So if you read the book can you please rate it for me.  Good or bad, all ratings are welcome. The book blurb is below:

Dr. Michael Chauncey is a naval psychiatrist who uses his secret ability as a telepath to help his patients, but when a suspected AWOL and fellow telepath walks into his office, he’ll have to go to extraordinary lengths to learn where this woman has been for the past seven years.

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