Confession: I haven’t written in weeks. I’ve been too obsessed with the presidential campaign. The rhetoric, the debates, the rage, the blatant racism and sexism had me glued to NPR, Facebook, and Twitter in fear and astonishment. It’s been a real life scripted reality television show.

My fears were realized when I woke up Wednesday morning and heard the news.

Janiera Eldridge compares the 2016 presidential election to Black Mirror Episode “The Waldo Moment”

The similarities between “The Waldo Moment” and the 2016 election are endless. Like in the episode, Waldo appeals to people’s passion for change. He does so in a manner, however, that includes shouting, foul language and slinging hateful words at the other candidates. What is unnerving is that Waldo’s words are actually nicer than a lot of the hateful words Trump said about Muslims and Hispanics. While Waldo only used his outrageous behavior towards other political candidates, Trump encouraged acts of violence against fellow Americans.

Just like in this episode, it was pretty shocking during the 2016 election when such an outrageous person was elected to such an important place in office.

The comedian behind Waldo also uses people who have personally slighted him to fuel his political campaign with devastating consequences. Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions that he will get revenge against people who have spoken out against him.

Anyways I’ve been in mourning. I’ve always felt “othered” but it didn’t stop me from being a proud American. I can’t say that any longer. I’ve finally discovered a narrative that made me feel a little bit better.  Want to hear it. Here it goes.

The Presidental Chronicles Part One (Already Written)

A Bi-racial (Black and White) man runs for office. At his side are his hella beautiful, hella educated Black Wife and two young daughters. It’s hella hard, but he has hella street game and knows how to work the media. IN the end, he defeats his enemy Hilary.

The Presidental Chronicles Part Two (Just Released)

The end of his term is over. For this book, Obama and his arch enemy must team up to defeat Drumpf. It’s a hard pill to swallow. Obama and Hilary were bitter enemies in Book One. Esp since Hilary is entitled, Hilary and her minions have passed  laws that hurt POC and contributed to the school to prison pipeline many brown and black men and women have had to endure. However, she is tough, she is experienced, and most of all, she ain’t outwardly racist.

Obama does his best to stump for the woman who used to be his arch enemy.

Hillary Clinton appeases Donald Trump, uses the words President Obama won't: Orlando terror attack was act of "radical Islamism"

Climax: Hilary wins the popular vote but loses the electoral college. Hillary, and therefore Obama the first black president, is defeated.The whole world stands in disbelief.

POC and (non racist, non-sexist) white women suddenly feel fear like they have never experienced in their life. Since many of use didn’t live through the race riots of 1950’s and 1960s, we believed that America was greater than what it was. We belived that racism was delegated to the videos we saw during Black History month,  even through there was video proof of black men and women geting gunned down by police officers and random crazies with no repurcussions. Even though we had proof that racism was alive and strong, we still belived most Americans were good, non-racist MOFOs. Now Today that belief is shattered. From here on out, when a POC meets a white person they don’t know, we have no choice but to believe they are racist. We must not trust this person. We have to assume that when they see us, they see our skin color and want to see us dead or gone. To assume other wise, would only put our life and our families lives in danger.


The Presidential Chronicles Part Three (In Progress)

This book isn’t written yet. I know the ending I want: That racist mother fucker ousted from his presidency. Now I gotta outline all of the ways to make this shit happen. I’m a writer and my specialty is plot, so these are the story beats so far.

  • Find out what the hell happened? Is America truly that scared, racist, stupid, does not giving a fuck about their fellow American citizens of color? What the fuck is really going on? But keep in mind though, no matter the answer, every single person that voted for a racist, sexist, authoritarian commited a racist act.
  • Protect yourself. By having an unrepentant racist as president, it gives other racists the reason, the fuel, and the spark they need to display their racist tendencies openly.
  • Buy a damn gun, a nice small cheap one.
    1. get a license and concealed carry for said gun.
    2. Yes, shooting a mofo in self-defense isn’t a strong defense when your black, but at least the racist mofo will be dead or, at the very least, in a lot pain.
  • Can’t afford a gun, carry a knife and learn how to use it. There are youtube videos.
    1. hmm… now that I think about it. A knife might be better. It’s cheaper, and I’m cheap. It’s probably easier to defend in a court of law also.
  • Gather your allies.


  • You and said allies come up with a plan.
    1. possible plans:
      • boycott Black Friday. Money talks. POC spend a lot of money. If every white person and POC who voted for Hilary chose not to shop on Black Friday or the entire shooping period except for minority-owned stores that would send a message.

  • Beat the bastard at his own game:
    1. Can we find someone equally as idiotic, vain, and loud-mouthed to challenge drumpf and engage  millennials and the disenfranchised POC and whites. I think Kanye has volunteered. (BTW, Kanye when are coming to Oklahoma so I can come to your concert?)

kanye west 2020 president campaign merch etsy pins

That’s all I have for now…. I’ll think of more plots points later.  Hmm… Maybe i can do this NaNoWriMo


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