Panther in the Hive is May’s book of the Month for the Blerd Book Club on June 7th.
Amazon Blurb:
Panther in the Hive is at once an unforgettable coming-of-age story and a captivating vision of an unsettling future. Tasha Lockett, orphan, oddball, and former fashion addict, is alone in a Chicago overrun with citizens-turned-weapons, the result of the cybertronic disaster that brought the country to its knees four days ago. When Tasha receives a letter from her estranged sister warning her of the catastrophe and urging her to travel to the South Side where there is rumored to be a safe zone, Tasha must face what the world has become. With only her precious Prada backpack and a sturdy kitchen knife, she embarks on an epic journey through the wasteland Chicago has become, forming alliances and discovering that although the world may be in pieces, she might still become whole. Readers who enjoy the likes of Margaret Atwood and Octavia Butler will enjoy this coming of age adventure in a not-quite unrealistic setting. Readers have called Panther in the Hive “the intersection of I Am Legend and The Devil Wears Prada.”
Short Review
Diversity: Off the Hook! The default characters are people of color. I’ve never read a book like this. Never! 
Story: 5– Panther in the Hive reminded me of something Isaac Asimov would have wrote if he was a black womanist living today.

Character: 5. I think my favorite was the small, Asian woman who could kick arse!
The only gripe I have is the beginning kept referencing the past, but it wasn’t boring so it gets a pass. 
In fact, it brilliantly passed the “I couldn’t put it down” test. I had to finish this book even if it meant staying up all night. 
Long Review and Random Thoughts while I read the book:
-Wonderful commentary on today’s society, or more precisely, a possible future for today’s society.
-Reminded me of old school sci-fi stories with a modernists twist
-Fantastical fiction written by a member of the 99% to get back at the 1%
-It highlighted how dangerous it can be to have everything you want: the luxury to stay skinny and still eat whatever you want and to willingly let corporations rule your life.
-Reading Panther in the Hive  was like a subtle way to get back at the man. It felt like a #dangerousbook
-I’m going to get a the physical book in case there is an apocalypse where none of my ereaders will work. 
-The protag was in the middle of an apocalypse worried about her hair and make-up. This so reminded me of my daughter.
-There are absolutely no male heroes in this book. None. Zilch. 
-Panther in the hive had the most in-depth experience of the issues a woman would have to face if they were actually caught in the apocalypse. Toothbrush, panties, rain messing up her semi-relaxed hair.
-It highlighted the torture of having to run for your life with a regular bra instead of a sports bra.
-she drops a lot of nice metaphors and she gives a shout out to Kwame Alexander in her acknowledgments. 
-In most books, the default is white male and the lone woman is irregular.  In this book, the default is black and female. I so dug this!!!.  My mind was blown!
-The main character Tasha reminds me of the sexy ass cover of  +Kayti Edition  Niko which is on my to be read and reviewed list. (Update: reading now and it Marvelous)
-Like The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, Olivia Coal uses Chicago as the back drop. It made me want to go back to Chicago. Even though I felt like it was only a bigger Oklahoma.

Panther in the Hive is on Kindle Unlimited and its a bargain for $2.99. Science Fiction fans must read this book! Womanists and Futurists must read this book. Seriously. The Amazon link is here.

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