From the Author
I want
to burn the palaces down.
Leather to the Corinthians is my response to
an insane world. I was not born into an influential family. I am not a member
of the Star Chamber. I don’t have many opportunities to directly create change.

I do
have my voice, and that is what I have chosen to use. If you are fed up with
the ridiculousness of big business, politics, mass media, fast food, organized
religion, et al…if you enjoy underhanded satire, science fiction, fantasy,
the surreal, comic books, video games, and a good laugh — you’ll dig my book.
Join me in my quest to expose the truth and fools behind it.

If you can stomach more satire than plot and nonsensical situations where the king of consumerism has taken over the world, then this is the damn book for you.  I like the ideas presented in LEATHER TO THE CORINTHIANS but there are just too many ideas mashed together in one book to make it good. But I get the impression that maybe the writer wanted the reader to get a little lost.   
So I didn’t like LEATHER TO THE CORINTHIANS by Tom Lucas, but I can see where others would.  I hate say that any fictional book is written
for any specific audience, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say this book
was not meant for me.  Maybe this book was meant for disenfranchised
middle aged men contemplating doing meth, or young stoners with high IQs, or maybe it’s meant for that 50
year old black man smoking a pipe in his study ruminating on the meaning of
life.  I don’t think this book was
written for 30 something working mothers who have to  bow down at the alter of the Burger King at least twice a week.  <—That was a joke, btw.  Please 
don’t leave a comment telling me how you’re a mother and you work full
time and how you loved the book.
 Out of curiosity, I did find a male review of this book here .   

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