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The days of unified culture and singular Great Kingdoms are over. In their place, bold new visions are redefining the world of fantasy. Eight authors tackle stories with a focus on diversity, finding heroism outside the familiar boundaries of farmhands and prince’s castles.
Including original fiction from Nicolas Wilson, Carole McDonnell, Michelle Browne, Mags Carr, William Lenoire, Rachel Savage, Kirstin Pullioff, and Gail Villanueva, this collection goes where GRR Martin and Terry Brooks couldn’t.

I’m not a big fan of anthologies. They are usually uneven. I’ll enjoy a few stories, but then the rest will leave me flat.  Diversity is coming had a few stories I didn’t enjoy, but I’m still happy I purchased the book.

Do I recommend it: Yes
Diversity: 5
Characters: 3 out of Five. Out of the eight stories, 3 were memorable and well written.
Story: 4
Here is a quick breakdown of the three I enjoyed:
“Ayana” by Nicolas Wilson– a lovely old school story. Written like a fable or fairy tale. It touched on homosexuality and female equality. There was a line towards the end that I absolutely loved spoken by the main character’s father who is a playwright: Heroes never die, they simply run out of ink.
“The Girl in the Dem” by Carole McDonnell- Also written like a fable or fairy tale. It tells the story of a young man falling in love with a mermaid. The story was beautiful and melodramatic while still being readable and relatable. My son would like this story because the bad guy won at the end.
“Children of Scale” by Rachel Savage- This one featured a kick-ass heroine on a mission with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. I wish this had been a novel.  I actually googled the author hoping to find a longer version, but I there wasn’t.Are you intrigued? If so, it’s currently free on Amazon here.

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