If you haven’t read my post Chalcedony vs. The Bug Man, this post may not make any sense.

I kinda want to say it hurt my heart to make Andre a villain in Chalcedony vs. The Bug Man, But I’d be lying. We need good non-stereotypical Black Villains almost as much as we need Black Heroes. And I had oh so much  fun having Andre and Chalcedony going head to head and Andre winning. I loooove bad guys. I always root for them in the books and movies. The best black villains

So Andre got me thinking, who are the best black villains in science fiction and fantasy. I could only think of a few.


 Vin Diesel as Riddick in Pitch Black


Julius Clare as Sho Nuff in The Last Dragon



Samuel Jackson as Elijah Price in Unbreakable





Help me out. I need to expand on my list list of black villains. Who are your favorites?



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