Worldcon was interesting.  Chicago was
cool.  As six blocks east of mars suggested I hit up Giordano’s- Delcioucious! And Portillo’s twice-Yum. 
And wiener circle-Crazy.   
backpacking experiment was a success.  I
packed the night before.  
loosing fitting capris
Jean skirt
Gap jogging
pants-I wore to the airports and used as pajamas
One casual
white shirt,
A long
sleeve t-shirt
casual shirt
t-shirt that I didn’t wear
And a
I never
touched the laptop.  In the future, I’ll
only take a laptop when I’m traveling alone. 
I had to wear the long sleeve shirt twice since I didn’t bring a jacket
I had a
long list of why traveling with just a small backpack was great, but I didn’t
want to bore you so I cut it short.
We didn’t have pull a roller bag on the train on
the way to the hotel
Didn’t have to pull a roller bag for the half
mile trek from the train to the hotel! 
After we got home, I didn’t have to sort through
a mountain of clothes and sort the clean from the dirty.  Everything went into the dirty clothes

The bf doubted the back
pack experiment.  but afterwards he told
me it was a good idea and that I was right. 
I love being told that I’m right. 

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